Tuesday, Jul. 1, 2014

Managing Your Bets: An Introduction to Bet Manager

We are all busy people. Either that means you are doing the daily grind at work or maybe you are one of the lucky few who is busy making profits on the exchanges. Either way, the idea of a software tool that saves you time by doing the work for you is certainly attractive. That’s the idea behind the cunningly named “Bet Manager” - well, the last remark was toungue-in-cheek, as it does exactly what it says on the tin. It works by allowing you to:

  • Quickly pick the favorite’s in all races or meeting (win, place or both)
  • Select on the basis of newspaper tips Auto ‘arb-off’ bets
  • Choose favourite, 2nd favorite, 3rd favorite, etc…

The system, like any, has to be tested carefully by the user to get the maximum benefit. But I do like the idea of software that saves you time.

The good thing is you also have control, so if you do not want to place an arb bet it won’t, for instance.

I will be coming back to the system in forthcoming articles, but in the meanitme have a look for yourself at:

Bet Manager