Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015

Market Feeder Pro

Betting Exchange BotsMarketFeeder Pro is a complex betting software for online trading at Betfair. It provides multiple markets’ data in a real time in a MS Excel format and allows you to apply several powerful trading techniques such as dutch arbitrage, off-set betting, one-click betting and above all – trigger betting.

MarketFeeder Pro is most useful in every day trading sessions at BetFair, mostly in high-liquidity markets where prices are so live that you can’t react too fast to its changing and need a software support.

The principles of MarkeFeeder Pro are simple: to convert the markets you are monitoring in Excel spreadsheets and feed them with live data in real-time mode, while letting you apply versatile trading strategy through special interfaces and controls built into the application and the spreadsheets.

Marketfeeder Pro is based on the BetFair API and thus is authorized by BetFair.

Why you “must have” MarketFeeder Pro?
MarketFeeder Pro 4.0 combines several effective trading techniques and moreover equips you with the powerful functionality of MS Excel for creating your own trading triggers. It is an absolutely unique set of tools in single software – and for the moderate price too!

It’s not a purchase, it’s an investment.
MarketFeeder Pro is a constantly evolving software. Every new version includes more information, more options and more opportunities to enhance your every day trading. And no matter what the cost of the new version is going to be existing customers always get the upgrade for FREE.

What will you MISS if you DON’T get MarketFeeder Pro?
Multifunctionality – you won’t find another trading application for BetFair that combines so many automated profit-bringing routines. It saves you so much time and gives you so much opportunities that make it number one in your must-have list of trading software

Time – while searching for betting software or opening several applications at once you’re losing your time. Time is money and you don’t want to waste it when you can get the application that can save it!

Money – while paying subscription fees for several applications that do the same as MarketFeeder Pro you will be constantly losing your money. Pay a one-off fee for MarketFeeder Pro and enjoy using it for your life-time.

Experience – think of all the possible trading techniques that you could have tested using MarketFeeder Pro trading interfaces!

Opportunities – MarketFeeder Pro is going to be improved more. Using our customers’ advices and supporting them with conversations with other traders we constantly invent new features that make a bettor’s life easier.

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