Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015

Value Horse Finder Software

VHFVHF (Value Horse Finder) scans the market and will highlight up to 7 risk free betting options.The beauty of the Value Horse Finder software is that everyone can use it.

It has a very easy to follow fully illustrated help guide with step by step instructions on how to make those ‘risk free profits’ from horse racing.

This is an arbitrage program with a BIG difference! Normally you have to be lightening fast to catch those arbs. VHF exploits the discrepancies between bookmakers prices and prices on the most popular betting exchange Betfair . These discrepancies are not immediately identifiable to normal ‘arbsters’ - VHF finds them with surgical accuracy and quickly calculates your position. VHF ‘hidden arbs’ are available for much much longer than the arbs that you are used to, giving you time to make your bets and make those risk free profits.

VHF even makes the Betfair bets for you in a second with a click of a button!

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