Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014

Bet Angel Basic Review

Betting Software ReviewsBet Angel - Basic is free of charge software that enables you to do standard exchange trading. It features one click betting, fast refresh rates, one click auto refreshing charting, on screen viewing of your open bets and a momentum indicator. Not only that but it also now includes a ‘greening up’ function that allows you to equalise any profit you have made right across the entire field you are betting on.

Bet Angel - Basic, is free of charge software. There is no usage or set up fee. It can be distributed without permission from the authors. Designed and managed by a UK team committed to enhancing your exchange experience, it is a very stable and reliable platform from which to trade with. It has a large number of current users and has been in operation on the markets for some time using real money by real traders. Rigorously tested for stability and performance it is a great way to get started in exchange trading. The basic engine for Bet Angel Basic is the same engine used in Bet Angel Professional but the professional edition contains a huge number of additional tools and features.

Positive Comments

Yes this software is 100% free. Yes the developers obviously haven’t taken their pills!!

Not many developers give something for nothing but Betangel do in the form of Betangel Basic. It does what it says on the tin, it allows you to trade on the exchange with a few extra tools to hand you do not get on the normal Betfair interface.

The software includes a greening up option to settle outstanding trades, which is something you don’t even get in a lot of paid for programs.

Full instructions and videos are supplied on site, and for some this is all the would need.

I would recommend using this as a stepping stone to Betangel Pro, as that is the mother of all bots.

Negative Comments

As it is free, their are no negative comments.

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