Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014

Bet Angel - Trading Software Review

Betting Software ReviewsI  like this software, it is easy to use and very good for trading, it auto refreshes the market every 1 second (or any time interval you want) you can either back and lay or vice versa before the race starts.

This is ok if you know what you are doing, but in no way is this a foolproof method of making money.  The way I played it was simple but also quite risky I suppose.  Depending on the market weighting I would either Back or lay for £100, then I would trade when the market moved 1 point for e.g.. back at 5.1 lay at 5.0, if the horse won you win £10, if it loses, you lose nothing, now, you could do that all day, but your selected horse is not going to win every race and there is always the chance the market will go the way you don’t expect it.  You can however, wait until the race starts and hope the price gets to what you want it to, but that is getting a bit risky now isn’t it???

Basically, if you want some software that refreshes quicker and is easier and quicker to place bets and lays on than betfair, then this is for you, AND IT’S FREE!!

The software that is available as an upgrade however is around £100 (I think), although I have not purchased this software yet, I have watched all of the videos that are on the website which are very informative.

Bet Angel works in a slightly different way, you can set up the software to auto back and lay to your preferences, the video shows a couple of races where the guy has set his ‘back’ price to kick in at 1.4 and ‘lay’ price at 1.3, this should be the price of the horse that is winning coming over the last jump or well clear on the run in, (but you can do those stats yourself on what is the highest price to get a winner before going before passing the winning post) so basically, whatever horse is winning, it will kick in when that price gets to 1.4 and then trade at 1.3, hopefully, the price will decrease as the horse gets closer to winning!!!  If this does happen, if your stake was £100, then you have made £10 profit.  As long as you manage to trade at 1.3 you are ok, the danger starts when the price gets to 1,4, then goes up!!! bye, bye £100.

For this system to work in a normal days racing of 20 races you can only really afford this to happen once and your profit has vanished, it relies on you being at the screen all day as you have to manually start the cycle for each race, you have to wait a few seconds at the start of each race as the market goes at little mad and may trigger your 1.4 back bet off!!

So, to sum up, if I had the time to sit down all day and try this out, then I would purchase it, but I would be trying it with £2 stakes to see if the system works at those type of market prices (1.4 to 1.3) A nice bit of software though for those rainy days inside!!

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