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Bet-Ie Betfair Trading Software Review

4/5 stars

Bet-IE is an easy to use tool to be used in conjunction with the Betfair Betting Exchange for accurately calculating then submitting odds and stakes instantly to achieve required targets but all under your total control. It does not require the Betfair API interface to load the live markets which means that Betty is free of third party costs and overheads.

Unlike many similar software programs, Bet-IE comes with a fully comprehensive on board help guide.

If you know about Betfair, then you also need to know about Bet-IE. ‘Betty’ will calculate stakes, target figures, fixed max stake or profits and has one click bet placing and also a simple auto stoploss function. It refreshes the market data automatically and can calculate for up to 16 runners and submit dutched stakes to specific targets or within predefined limits. Also the program can hedge, arb or trade markets (in running if required), and all with one click.

It also looks at the market and indicates weak favs, poor markets, book% and profit%. There is also a ‘money available’ meter to help judge market movements.

Unlike other programs Bet-IE includes proven strategies for dutching, hedging and easy trading techniques. What is more they can be tailored to meet your needs whether you are a newbie or experienced user of Betfair. If you are starting out these methods are being used by novices with great success.

If all that wasnt enough Bet-IE includes a professional trading program. Not only is this program superior in many ways to other vendors programs but there are no ongoing fees or monthly charges. In fact ~ It is included FREE.

Bet-IE has its own unique place in the market by having built in strategies that are proven to work consistently while some other programs need your input and your experience. It was written and developed by a professional punter who uses it every day as part of his work. It needs to work at its best at all times and users will be provided with upgrades free of charge.

Subject to connection and Betfair site conditions etc it will submit 32 back lay bets in under 2 seconds. (using a standard 500Mb broadband, 2Ghz pc).

Function List

  • The most powerful and flexible Dutching calculator available - any where! Dutch up to 16 individual runners and each runner can have its own profit target - no other Betfair Dutching calculator can do this. Includes Dutching the Place markets.
  • Set maximum stakes and limit liability with maximum profits.
  • Dutch every runner in the field and increase your profits and your investment return with the Reverse Odds function.
  • Fully functional professional Tick Trading function included at NO extra cost. Instant Back and Lay with AutoHedging facility. Market History and Events List. Instant Equalise Profits button. Unique and very accurate market indicators tell you when to bet. Why pay £££’s a month for inferior software when this program is included FREE!
  • The Trading function also has Learning Mode. This unique feature allows the user to practice their trading skills while not risking any money! All bets and market moves are recorded for you, and there is an Excel Export facility so you can carry your own indepth analysis. Bet alerts even tell you when to Back or Lay!
  • Easy to use Hedging calculator with variable stoploss and interactive odds table.
  • LayAll function. Allows you to lay (back against) the Field. Set stakes and targets for all runners and set your liability for every runner. No other program has this function.
  • No on going costs like many betting exchange programs. Just one low price, and updates are free!
    Not only do you get ALL the above but also:
  • Built in proven strategies that work.
  • Comprehensive and fully illustrated built in help file.
  • Familiar Betfair look and feel.
  • All currencies supported.
  • Can be used on ALL Betfair markets including horse racing from UK, USA, AUS, RSA; greyhounds, soccer, cricket, golf.
  • Variable refresh
  • All user variables stored for you.
  • Choose fully automated data input from the Betfair server or manual input for your own prices and stakes.
  • Separate Money Available Meter. Anticipate markets movements and swings.
  • Spread percentage or ‘tick’ odds increments.
  • Swap function for multibanking

Positive Comments

I was a little apprehensive when I first start using this software. For a start, the interface is more Windows 98 style, however, do not let this put you off. Once I had been using this software for a couple of days its power stood out.

This software is actually 3 in 1, so you can either just learn to use one function, which still makes it good value for money, or learn all 3.

The Dutching function is easy to get the hang of. I will say this, they give you instructions on how to use the coloured boxes for the horse names, follow this to the letter, using a betting bank, and you will profit long term. As of today (1/1/06), I have been using it for over 3 months, and although you have bad days (you do with everything in gambling), the profit graph is always on an upward curve.

You should use no more than 3% of your betting bank for each dutch. Do that, and you will profit as well, which is what you want isn’t it?

The hedging interface, is also simple to use, but a little more difficult to profit from. Follow the instructions given by them, avoid front runners, and non-handicaps, and you can do alright out of it.

The trading interface was enhanced in December ’05, so it is now better than what it was. Trading is not easy, if it was, we’d all be working in the City making £Millions. Stick to very small stakes for the first month, and you should learn a few trends.

Overall, this software is excellent, and well worth the money, especially as they throw in a forum, free updates, and good support.

Negative Comments

Apart from the old looking interface, nothing really much wrong with it, and can be used alongside the likes of Betangel.

Price £97.00 single payment

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