Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015

Getting the Most from Tipsters: AutoTipster Review

There are many services offering you Betting Tips.  Indeed, here at LaytheOdds we have seen a few extremely interesting articles by Kevin about football tipping services.  Many of these show have shown exciting returns.

But if, like me, you wish to look at not just one service but a whole host of them, then you will need a way of keeping track of all the trades, not least because you want to assess how well they are increasing your betting bank!  You may even want to a system that allows you to place the recommended trades automatically.  Or if it’s a system you are not yet sure about, you may want to be able to assess all the recommendations before parting with your hard earned.

This is where the AutoTipster from i.e.-software comes in.

The software allows you follow your tipsters by loading the bets automatically on Betfair. You have complete control over it, so if there is a tipster you are not yet clear about you need not load them automatically.  If you want to follow a strict staking plan (see here for further advice on staking plans) you can do that as well.  Other useful automated features include stop losses and the ability to set your own criteria through filters for whether to place a bet.

Since this allows you to place bets from more than one tipster, it is also an extremely useful way of monitoring performance.  After the trades are placed ,a reports is produced on the outcome of each.  The report even includes graphs exportable to Excel, thus allowing you to monitor performance in great detail.

You can try out this software at:

AutoTipster software.