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Value Horse Finder Review

Betting Software Reviews5/5 stars

“This easy to use, versatile program just hoovers up the profits - without any risk whatsoever to your betting bank!  - Just unbelievable!!”
“VHF is a money machine. I’ve never seen anything like it”
“Your program should be sold for a lot more than you are asking; fantastic value for money.”
“No risk profits - its like a dream come true.”
“The Bookies are going to hate this.”

Positive Comments

The Value Horse Finder is advertised as zero risk! We have all seen these claims before on many other products so what is the real risk with this betting bot?

Well to be truthful, and having given VHF a good run for it’s money during the review, I can say that this bot does actually have the lowest risk of all of them. I would not say it was totally zero risk, although the risk I am talking about would be due to human error and not the actual software.

Although the screens may look a little complicated, once you have been through a few races, you will realise that the majority is for information purposes only, and using it becoming easy.

Value Horse Finder basically tracks the prices of the Betfair Win & Place markets, and compares them to the bookmakers Win markets. Now and again it will find an arbitage between the two, and show you the % profit you can make. It is just a case of placing the bets, and collecting the profits no matter what the result. In the example above, you win at least £58 regardless of who wins or loses.

I recommend placing the bookmaker bet first. Doing it that way, means that any market moves on the exchanges will only be in fractions, and the software is easily adjusted to account for this and still show a profit.

In all the races I covered, I made 100% profit on them. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it, but this software takes advantage of the bookmakers offering better value odds than the exchanges. You just bet to collect the % difference, which is profit win, lose or draw.

You will not get an arb in every race, but usually the more competitive the race, the more chance of an arn. I done very well with the Cheltenham Festival 2006.

So if you are looking for an exchange betting bot with as close to zero risk as you can get, then VHF is for you, and at £97, you should make this back in your first week even with low stakes.

One thing you do need with VHF to start with is about £500 in a Betfair account, and £50 in the first 6 bookmakers on Oddschecker. When learning the software stick to £5 or £10 EW stakes. As you build up profit and confidence, you need to open up accounts with all the bookmakers shown on Oddschecker to get the best out of the software. The more accounts, the more profit. Also make sure you use a betting bank.

Your profits are also dependent on your Betfair commission, the lower you get it, the more profitable arbs you will have.

One final tip. You do need to transfer money across accounts to keep them balanced. The easiest solution is to keep a £500 ‘Floating Bank’ in your bank account. You can then use that for transferring direct to an exchange or bookmaker account, while the withdrawal is in its 3 day bank transfer. Although for £6, Betfair allow same day withdrawal prior to midday.

Make sure to keep a record of all accounts, P/L,transfers, on a spreadsheet.

This software has the potential to make you plenty of money, but you must build up your betting bank to a level that can sustain this amount.

Negative Comments

I mentioned the potential for human error above, these take the form of not paying attention to non-runners. You must ensure that the bookmakers place betting pays the same places as the exchanges, as they can differ if horses are withdrawn (Betfair will still pay first 3 places even if you have 3 non-runners in an 8 horse race). You probably will make this mistake while learning, but if you’re lucky you may still profit, if not, the losses are not that much, and it wil teach you not to do it again.

The other potential for loss is if the prices move quickly while half-way through a bet, although it never happened to me, and I would imagine it is rare. As I said earlier, doing the bookmaker price first, gives you the flexibility on the exchanges to adjust for market moves.

The only other problem, is not so much the software, but Oddschecker has the odd habit of not updating a price, therefore you are shown a false profit potential, but you should not make a mistake here, as you should always check the bookmaker live price is the same as that which VHF is working on. If it isn’t, you can manually adjust it to see if you can still get a profit. You soon get used to when this may happen though, and the odd price for Paddy Power seemed to ‘stick’ now and again, especially if a horse is gambled on.

Overall these are minor problems, and with a weeks’ experience, you will spot them anyway, and only bet on the guaranteed profitable arbs.

£97.00 One off payment.

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