Sunday, Jul. 20, 2014

Betfair Bots

Here is a List of all Betting Bots and Betting Exchange Software for use on Betfair or Betdaq. Betting Bots include - HiPro86, Greyhorse Bot, BetTrader Pro, Bet Angel, Auto BF, Bet-Ie, Fair bot, and more…

LayBot Pro
LayBot Pro is a great piece of automated Lay Betting Software designed to help you place your best and forget about them. LayBotPro also has a simulation mode so you can test out your new systems and tipsters along with many other great features.

Laz-Ie Trader
Just imagine, no longer will you have to stare at a Betfair page and struggle to identify the horses to trade, they will literally jump off the screen at you with the Laz-IE alerts. You have an ultra fast way then of capitalizing on your selections, getting the trades into the market rapidly and having the latest odds available with your ultra fast refresh speed.

Bet Angel Professional
Bet Angel is a stunning new series of cutting edge, multi functional, multi market, betting exchange tools. Designed by leading expert exchange users, it will significantly improve your exchange trading and betting capability whatever sports market you operate on and whatever your style.

Bet-Ie - Hedging and Dutching Software
Bet-IE  (or Betty as we call her) is an easy to use tool to be used in conjunction with the Betfair Betting Exchange for accurately calculating then submitting odds and stakes instantly to achieve required targets but all under your total control. It does not require the Betfair API interface to load the live markets which means that Betty is free of  third party costs and overheads.

The Greyhorse Bot
The Greyhound Bot is not just a betting bot, it has a special selection system built in so that you don’t even have to worry about what race to select, which means you can get the most from the Greyhound Bot straight away.

HiPro86 - Automatic Software
HiPro86 is a new software application that anyone can install and leave running on their computer to generate a steady second income. As the name suggests, it promises HIghly PROfessional lays with a success rate of at least 86 percent.

Bet Trader Pro from Racing Traders
BetTrader 4.0 is now free to use for anyone with a Betfair account. The latest upgrade of this very popular Betfair trading software has even more features and tools that will help send your orders to the front of the queues on Betfair. Live updating Betfair prices and lightening fast bet submission get you the prices you want, when you want them.

Bf Bot Manager
Bf Bot Manager, official Betfair API solution, is a sports bot system designed for Betfair that uses Betfair Free API. Bf Bot Manager allows you to load the bot of your choice into its management structure and start betting. You can load bot that will bet or trade by pre defined rules, or you can load Ladder Control and start betting by yourself. Software supports placing bets on both exchange, United Kingdom and Australian.

Auto-Bf - Automated Betting Software
Auto-BF fulfils three primary functions when placing bets. It monitors all horses in each race and obtains the best possible odds available. It takes into account how much money it should be in order to achieve the required amount of profit. It also takes into account the outcome of the previous race results. Mention in your registration and get 3 extra days Free Trial. (Value £18)

OddzBreaker is the perfect tool for all Betfair users who are eager to significantly increase their profits. Its powerfulness and fastness allows bets on the largest online sports betting exchange platform “”.

BetGrail Software
Automated betting software for trading on the online betting exchange, Betfair. The software has many useful features: Automatic trading, Stop Loss, Smart Bets, Bets resubmitting, Preset prices, market indicators and more. Free download is available, 15-day trial period.

Market Feeder Pro
MarketFeeder Pro 4.0 combines several effective trading techniques and moreover equips you with the powerful functionality of MS Excel for creating your own trading triggers. It is an absolutely unique set of tools in single software – and for the moderate price too!

FairBot is state of the art Windows software which provides enhanced betting interface to the leading Betting Exchange, Betfair. Includes real-time price movement charts, market analysis, information displays and trading tools.

BetLab is a Software House providing services in the field of the Sporting Exchange whose product is based on innovation, quality and conformity with the high standards of financial trading.

Online exchange trading made easy. Designed for beginners and experts alike, ExPorts ‘advanced tools made simple’ include market swing prediction and one-click trading functions to ‘lock in’ guaranteed profits or minimise any potential loss.

MTPro Version
MTPro Version 2.x: Ladder and ‘traditional’ one-click betting interface for all Betfair markets, plus live data and graphing presentation:

Transactional Solutions

Brimardon Autobet
Software which enables the user to place bets directly or automatically on Betfair (when the conditions such as requested odds or stake or “time before the race” are met) based on the Brimardon System ratings.

Mobile Applications

Betfair Lite
Betfair lite is a stripped down version of the Betfair website you can access from any web enabled device such as a mobile phone, PDA, laptop or PC.

Betfair Mobile
Watching the game with your mates? Betfair is now available on your mobile, so you won’t miss out on the betting action while away from your PC. Betfair mobile is compatible with most modern JAVA phones and offers you all of Betfair’s great betting functionality. You can still back, lay or bet in-play as easily as you do online. View your profit and loss, check your account summary or trade off your positions - wherever you are.

Data Analysis

Fracsoft Historical Data service
Fracsoft provides fully time-stamped historical Betfair price data in a format that is easy to download and use. Replay Betfair markets in real-time after the market has been settled. Watch with accuracy the changes to the spread and matched money.

Betfair Historical Data
The data is available to Betfair members with a minimum of 100 Betfair points. The service is provided under a BETA program and may be interrupted at any time.