Thursday, Sep. 4, 2014

The Tennis Trading League - Part 3

In this, the third part of my review of the Tennis Trading League system, I will look at the Race Your Profits.

Just to recap quickly, the Tennis Trading League system splits into 4 parts, each designed to handle different situations where you can profit from tennis trading:

  • TennisScalper
  • ChampWinnings
  • Race Your Profits
  • FinalServe

This strategy, like ChampWinnings, involves a method for selecting the favourite, but here the relative price is important.  The first part of the strategy takes you though in some depth how to select the matches meeting the criteria.  It also explain the stakes which work best for this system.

There are 2 keys to making the system work for you, timing and, as in the other sections, patience.  So the beauty of this system is you do not even need to watch the whole match to make it work – this is a particular advantage if you are not actually a tennis fan – though I would not count myself in that category, proof being perhaps that I currently have Eurosport tuned to the Dubai WTA tennis championships as I write this.

So why is good timing needed?  The answer is simple:  the system takes advantage of times in a tennis match where the odds fluctuate in a way that allows the trader to make potential profits. And again, as with the other sections, the beauty of the system is that correct timing ensures that if the market goes against you, the odds will not drift as much as when the move in your favour.

In other words, this is an excellent way to maximise your profits and minimise your losses.

Another interesting thing about this system, again this is in common with the other parts, it is rather counter intuitive way of betting.  I can pretty much assure that unless you are experienced tennis trader, you would not be able to work out the timings yourself.  Again, this is an advantage, as one of the best weapons a good traders has in the armoury is the ability to benefit from strong liquidity when other traders are  laying when you are backing (and vice versa).

So once more, you are benefitting from following a pattern that the author has noted from years of observing how prices fluctuate in tennis matches.  I know from experience as an in-play football trader, that this ability to almost intuitively predict price movements is vital to profitability.

I very much like the thinking behind this product, and in the final part I will be looking at the ‘Final Serve’ strategy and summarising the product as a whole.

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