Sunday, Jul. 20, 2014

Betfair Basics # 3

This is a strategy I use from time to time and you can usually find 2-3 opportunities like this per day.

Odds checker sometimes has a delay before it is updated, so I suggest going to the actual bookmakers website before making your decision.

Sign up to as many bookmakers as you can in advance of using this strategy, this will ensure you can log in to their site, quickly place your back bet, then log in to Betfair and quickly place your lay bet, sit back and relax as you have just made a free bet!

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How the strategy works:

14-00 Donc

Take a look at Odds Checker and navigate to a race card. Open up Betfair and find the same race.

Have a look at the example above, this is the price the bookmakers are offering for Leo. There are not many prices available but Sportingodds are offering 4 or 3/1.

Now take a look at Betfair and you will see that you can lay Leo for 3.75 which will give you a free bet. Obviously you will have to take Betfair’s commission into consideration.

14-00 Donc Bf

Here are the sums:

Back Leo at Sporting Odds for 4 or 3/1 for £100 giving you a profit of £300 if he wins or - £100 if he loses

Lay Leo on Betfair at 3.75 for £100.

If Leo wins = Profit £300 from Sporting odds - £275 for your lay on betfair. No commission to be payed at Sporting Odds. = £25 profit.

If Leo loses = Lose £100 stake at Sporting Odds - Win £100 at betfair - Commission. You will make a very small loss after commission. - £4

If you layed a little bit more money at betfair, so you broke even if Leo loses and didn’t win quite as much if he won.


Lay him for £104 on betfair. This will protect you if he loses as the extra £4 will pay for the commission and you will win £14 if Leo wins.

This is just a small example, sometimes you will see a big difference in prices between a bookmaker and betfair especially in Ante-Post markets where to bookmakers dont check the prices as much. Have a look this week to see how many you can spot!

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