Sunday, Aug. 11, 2013

Free Live UK Market Prices Provided by Digitallook

A top quality site packed with lots of goodies. Aside from free live prices, they deliver up to date financial news, research/ research plus, information on stocks and shares, they also have strategies and an A-Z index.

You will need to sign up to get the live prices but it’s worth the effort. No where else will you get free live non manipulated prices for not depositing any funds. Some may argue that you get live prices from independent spread betting and CFD providers but their prices are not the same as those which are on the stock exchange leader boards, they merely follow the underlying prices.

At you get accurate real time pricing for 1 hour per day which if you use to trade on Betfair you can easily perform a 10-15 minute per hour strategy for 4-5 straight hours a day!  Go to to see this answer to this strategy.