Sunday, Aug. 11, 2013

LS Trader Review

If you are looking for a genuine product then LS Trader is your first stop. After becoming the new financial author my aim and goal is to provide you with top quality products that are available.

LS Trader is just that…a genuine product.  I have been quiet on the forum and on soley for that reason.
LS Trader offers an absolute no quibble 30 day money back guarantee. I suggest you take this opportunity to paper trade and see their results. I can confirm they are already up 19% since the start of this year…that beats my own portfolio results!

All the emails I recieve are professional, polite and to the point. you will recieve emails  from Robert who maintains the website. Phil is the trader who shows you the exact way to make money from placing trades. There are only several trades to place and within LS Trader he shows you exactly how to perform these trades. upon receiving my first email I found the trades with ease.

The purpose of the 30 day no quibble trial, in my opinion, is to become aquainted and be able to easily navigate the site. This period also allows you to paper trade and perform analysis of the trades on offer. however, do not worry if you wish to wait longer. The emails that are sent to you offer no hurried response or to sign up quickly, your email does not get sold along the way, and most importantly, neither does your personal details. you simply get emails that offer you sound construction.

Phil, the trader of LSTrader and Robert, the LSTrader Admin, have written several ebooks, two of which are most prominant. I have studied them and I have to say that their own rules practicaly apply with my own professional rules. You will recieve all of these books for free. They are to the point and not fluffed out with needless rubbish.

I am screening their results presently. This means, along with current members, I see their picks and follow them to make sure they are as indicated. Yesterday I recieved 5 picks so I will monitor until the decision to sell (they are all currently long as the markets are taking a positive turn which is typical in January).

I shall surley keep you updated when I have further information on progress and I am excited by the prospects.

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