Sunday, Oct. 26, 2014

S&P 500 Trading System

This week I am bringing you a trading system that i am currently monitoring for effectiveness and efficiency to make long term profit and have been doing so for the last few weeks. Nick, the system designer, has kindly sent me a copy of his part time after 5pm trading system.  Nick uses his own S&P 500 US index trading system (and other self written systems which I shall be monitoring in the future and bringing to you) as his sole income.  If you wish to see daily profits, Nick has a blog which you can visit and also see his evening trades.

Now, I certainly do not recommend that you just give up your day job when you get the manual, that would be financial suicide and anyone saying that a system can make you give up your day job instantly or indeed after just a couple of weeks using it is out for one thing only and thats your money. With Markets Mastered, Nick starts by showing you a very possible exit to your day job by starting off part-time and after an appropriate period of time learning his system and, most importantly, how to trade his system.

Nick is one of the very few I strongly believe is here to help and help he does indeed! The system is not just a precise manual (and many are not even precise on the market today) but the customer service Nick provides is nothing short of outstanding in my personal experience.  Nick offers unlimited email support - not just the 30 day money back guarantee, but ‘forever’! Upon visiting Nicks site and blog you can see emails sent to him from people who are using his trading systems.

The big question is…does it work in the long term?  This is what I am currently finding out. I have personally read the system manual twice and about to read it again for the third time to fully absorb. Typically with the vast majority of manuals I get, I will read several pages into them only to determine it has been a complete waste of my time and I forget about it for life. This is certainly not the case with the trading system and I naturally find myself becoming increasingly intrigued by Nick’s simplicity and straight forwardness.

In my opinion you do not just get a sound trading system, you get excellent customer back up service and virtually every day you receive an email with the trades Nick has performed, whether they made money or not! In the emails you are shown exactly what part of the system was used and how it was used. This is absolutely invaluable because you do most certainly learn much more about the system when you see how it is used and being a daily email it is implanted into you and thus eventually becomes very easy.  The vast majority of system manuals just never do that and you are left to your own devises which quickly produces boredom, frustration and placing too many trades. It is not like that with Nick’s trading system. When ever I have a question, Nick responds quickly with a direct answer. I like this and it is difficult to find (I am quite sure you may have found the same when seeking profitable services).

As I say I am reading the system manual for the third time and Nick recommends all readers to do so, and quite rightly, because this system has the potential to make a life changing time & financial situation in the long term. As I said before, I perceive this system not to be the typical short term grab the money rubbish which then loose you money in the long term, you will never achieve success like that, but definitely a long term approach to providing a steady and relative income.

Nick is actually quite astute in that he does tell you to trade small in the beginning, which is excellent advice that I attend to myself. Regardless of whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro you should always trade small when ever testing or trying a system that is new to you regardless of any claims that are made, and that is exactly what Nick does advise, and it is good advice.

Nick himself strives to reach a 20 pip profit per day. Note, this is not forex but the S&P 500 Index on the US market. So far over the past few weeks looking at the daily trading email and also matching up the graphs from the S&P this has been true the majority of the time. Also I have been getting my own charts to tally up to what Nick has been sending in his daily emails and they also match so I can confirm this system and the emails are legitimate. Also, which is a major bonus, is that there are very few trades to perform, the most trades I have seen Nick perform is just 3 trades in any one given day. in fact most days there is just one trade! That itself is food for thought and cannot and must not beignored! Market professionals do not make excessive trade per day on the stock market and neither should you.

As I say, I have been testing for a few weeks. You should know by now this is not really long enough to be absolutely sure any system will work in the long term so I do have more time to test long term profitability and you can be sure that I shall be updating on a weekly basis with my findings. However, early sentiments are that Nick’s system will live up to its name and reputation. Next week I shall begin paper trading using a very small £1 per tick to test the water and should all go well (which I am expecting) then I shall gradually increase the stakes to £1.50 per pip, £2 per pip and so on as the profit increases uses money management. As soon as I begin to hit £5 per tick, which I perceive to be in approximately 3-4 months, I shall begin trading using real funds…but naturally will initially begin using £1 per tick real money and not jumping into the deep end! You can also get your hands on a free book on how to trade consistently.