Friday, Jan. 3, 2014

FRWC’s Royal Trader

Automated income taken to a new level!

Last week I told you that this week I would have something very special for you, well here it is, the undisputed worlds best forex automated trading software.

This was voted the worlds best software, not by the designers, but by traders and everyday people. This is as real and as hot as it gets.

The Forex Robot World Cup was designed to elliminate all the phonies and fraudsters out there who just want your cash. The top 5 winning software programmes had their EA’s placed into one super robot. This all sounds very good but when you hear that the account gave live investor access then it becomes a completely different ball game…why? because its the only real way to show potential buyers of the software that it is an actual and real live money account and the results are live and real time. Never has this been done before, you only really get screen shots and the way people like you and I could vouch for other software to work was to either test ourselves or speak to colleagues/ professional in the field who use the pieces of software themselves. This costs us money to do this, but with the FRWC Royal Trader we didnt need to. Why? because the vendors gave us complete investor access to their account. We could not trade…obviously, but we could see the results in real time for ourselves.

So, how did the FRWC Royal Trader perform? take a look and see the results for yourself…they are simply outstanding. In a mere 19 days of REAL and VERIFIABLE trading a profit of 354.37% was made. Yes the full stop is in the right place and we are talking about the result in under 3 weeks! Rather impressive stuff. Well, if your not impressed by a profit of 18.63% per day I honestly don’t know what will impress you.

Even if you are not interested in the FRWC Royal Trader it is still worth your while to visit to see just how things are changing in the Forex robot world.

Have I tested the robot? I didn’t need to, no-one did, because of the access to the live investor account which is as good as having the programme yourself…except of course I didnt have access to the money that was made!

While all this sounds great there are always a few questions that must be asked and invariably are often not asked such as money management, risk profiling, costs involved with number of trades performed and the big question, how many trades on average does the forex robot perform on a daily basis. There are some robots out there that perform upwards of 100+ trades a day, purley for scalping, which over time decrease the efficiency and effectiveness of the bottom line…the net profit. Fortunately the FRWC Royal Trader does not perform this many trades and made an average of 12 trades per day. The robot also uses proven advanced EA algorithms to enter and exit trades. This is one of the main reasons why it is so profitable…and stable! Another question you should ask is what broker to use? This is a big one that each and every trader should ask and also assess. As it happens this robot uses a direct non-dealing desk broker, FXCM. I know from personal and professional experience that this broker is not only fully licensed and regulated but it also has sufficient company funds.

The FRWC Royal Trader really is a one of a kind and finally the forex world of automated products is beginning to cater towards the needs and requirements of its clients….that being us!