Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013

Ex-Dividend Data

Ex-Dividend Data is a service I wanted to let you all know about. Its a service that is not heavily advertised and is certainly not well advertised to persons who are not in the industry.

Do you love to trade? Do you love to short? Not sure of a proven long term technique on when to short or go long? There is but one simple way to short which has been proven and that is to short stocks & shares when the ex-dividend date is due. More often than not if a company is going to give a good dividend the share will begin to slide as it approaches the ex-dividend date meaning you can scoop good profits, sometimes phenominal profits, while limiting risk!

Did you know that… its a little traders secret. The opposite applies when a particular stock or share has already given a dividend and is due to come out of the ex-dividend date! Also another good technique is to purchase stocks & shares before the ex-dividend date so when the shares go ex-dividend you get the payout…then sell them off and a profit has been made, simple yet very effective.

These are little known tricks of the trade for very short term trading and in my personal/ professional experience such trading does work…

Now, your probably wondering thats all very good but how do I know when a company is going ex-dividend and also coming out of ex-dividend? Previously we used to have to subscribe to extremelly expensive software systems such as Bloomberg - fantastic terminal but way out of the budget unless your a very profitable broker or a very wealthy and very active trader.

This made it very difficult for the vast majority of traders to obtain this information unless they were able to pour over data and mark calendars and also they would have needed extensive excel sheet formatting.

Well, it doesnt have to be that way anymore because I have found a service that meets these requirements precisely, catering for such needs is an absolute niche market and one such company is just that. Welcome to Ex-dividend data.

This professional service offers their clients both free services and subscriber services along with market tools. The free service tools are great by themselves but to get the most and best from the service subscription is required, and its cheap to boot!