Sunday, Aug. 11, 2013

Stock Analyser Software

Stock Analyser is an all in one Stock Technical Analyser and Charting Software, its very cheap and does the job you need. It is fully customisable to fit your exact needs and unlike many software packages this can monitor hundreds of different stocks all one one page, not even Bloomberg or Reuters 3000 Extra can do that (I use these at work).

You will benefit immediately from a huge stock research link library, one click access, Display signal chart, glance chart, detail chart, capture and analyse any chart, download free historical quotes, covers mutual funds, ETF’s as well. The software also comes with free upgrades of all future versions and its a one off very low cost. See what the Stock Analyser can do for you now.

Im rather impressed by Stock Analyser software which is why I shall be getting it for my home use.