Sunday, Aug. 11, 2013

Stock Assault

Stock Assualt is an automated stock picking product and is producing a great deal of interest. The one thing that stands out is you can demo the software for free then if you like you can buy it. It comes with free upgrades also.

Stock AssaultYou simply let the software run and it alerts you when a stock has been picked. This state of the art software took a team of 25 traders 5 years to develop which cost $3 million to develp. you will need a broker but with so many reputable and cheap brokers this is extremely easy to do. I will be recommending brokers in the near future to save you the hassel.

The stock market moves billions each and every day and presently its volitile which can mean greater swings in prices. The gains you sould usually see are between 5-50% and when compounded they add up to serious gains in the longer term.

It works worldwide, adapts to the market, trade from home or work and little start up capital is needed. The software has been documented on numerous TV channels such as Bloomberg. Using the following link will reduce the price drastically.

Remember, you can download the no cost demo of Stock Assault.