Thursday, Jul. 24, 2014

Nightingale Conant - Become Educated

Many of you will have heard about Nightingale Conant the worlds largest number 1 success orientated business for personal development and wealth creation globally and that is a fact.

If you have not heard about this company and you visit their site you may be inclined to think its all about sales. I cannot tell you how far from the truth this is. If you look deeper into the site you will see that part of the business is dedicated to making and keeping money!

A trader’s work, regardless of what you trade and how often, does have a 90% element of education and psychology involved. The excellent trader’s, those who make money consistently, will always have certain elements that are the same as all other successful traders, again thats a fact. Such elements include overriding greed, money management, risk profiling, boredom, anxiety and so on. These can sometimes be difficult to overcome, especially the psychological factors but none-the-less absolutely must be taken into account to be a long term successful trader. There is just no other way around it and no short cuts. If you find that difficult to bear then it may be time for you to hang up your trading jacket because these elements are a fact of trading life.

A trader, especially a novice, can sometimes be overwhelmed by sophisticated books that detail theories, such as the Elliot Wave, Candle Sticks, Algorithims, EA’s such as MACD etc etc. I myself have read in excess of 100 trading and techinical books! I personally now find that after reading so many of these books its refreshing to change the material a little (although I do go back to study them) and focus on the material that will make my mind more effective and efficient. This is what Nightingale Conant specialise in and they are extremelly good at it.

Sometimes we traders concentrate so much on just trading we miss the point of what to do with the money we have made, how to put it to use for our future, how to secure it and make it pay for us! Over the coming weeks and months I shall be detailing such material that can open a whole new way of thinking and delve right into the minds of real self-made millionaires, the minds of great authors who have been there and done it, who walk their talk and practice what they preach.

The first in what is to be a long series of material is from a world renowned figure head, his name is Robert Kiyosaki. It is most likely you will have heard of him. In his audio presentation on Rich Dad Secrets Robert explains in great detail how the rich follow a different set of rules for making and keeping money. They pay less taxes and set their lives up in such a way that money constantly comes into their pockets whilst they use expenses to their advantage. Basically the rules of the rich make them rich. Its a completely different set of rules that the masses have been taught and this is my aim in bringing you such high quality information. It does have the power to transform your life, if you really want too!

Rich Dad Secrets to money, Business and Investing, from a self made millionaire, offers the real sessions about money. This information pack is not available anywhere else but here as it is exclusive.

Instead of working for your money, you will learn how to make money work hard for you and you will also discover why you don’t need a high income to become rich. The financial education this material offers is quite outstanding and maybe just what you are looking for.