Wednesday, Jun. 25, 2014

Football Bets

A newly formed Football Betting site where you get the actual tips of, not 1, but 3 different tipsters. Each tipster has his own way of making profit from football betting. Each one is different and has a different style but their objective is the same, to make you money from football betting.

This is a monthly subscription service that is great value because you are getting selections from 3 tipsters. You may decide to follow just one, because they suit your style of betting, or you can follow all 3, the cost is exactly the same. You get regular selections throughout the week, whenever there is football you will be getting the selections.

One of the tipsters deals with the Scottish Leagues, another uses stats based selections to come up with bets in the Over/Under market and the corners market, the third plays in the top 4 English Leagues and the top European Leagues, with Singles, Doubles, Trebles, Trixies and Patents. There is plenty of choice and it is great fun to follow the 3 different styles.

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