Monday, Mar. 9, 2015

Football Betting Tipsters

Football Betting Tipsters is a football tipping service that has had strike rates up to 90%, run by a former bookmaker employee, who is now biting the hand that fed him. No experience, skills or knowledge is required, all you do is spend 10 minutes a week placing your bets.

Football Betting TipstersOnce you become a member of FBT you will become privvy to a proven system that provides fully proofed weekly tips with insider information. You will also be given the opportunity to play with the bookmakers own money as you are pointed in the direction of free bets. The service has shown to be low risk with high returns.

There is a members’ only area where you will be shown the exact bets with analysis. There is also a forum, a football blog and a professional writer, with his comments on all things football. Members will get discount on all manner of things, as well as free access to other systems the author has in his portfolio.

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