Sunday, Mar. 1, 2015

Footballing Prophets

This service gives you 3 different ways in which to profit from your football bets. There are 2 backing  services and a soon to be released laying service. Not only that, but by signing up to their newsletter, which is free, you will get some tips from them for absolutely nothing, now that can’t be bad.

Footballing ProphetsAt present it is a backing service, where the selections are sent to you by e-mail, the night before the games, giving you plenty of time and opportunity to place your bets. When you go to the site you will not see some hard sell sales page, it is just a well presented and simple site that is easy to use and read. It give you the oppoprtunity to sign up to their newsletter, (to get free tips) and lets you know about their forthcoming lay system (which I am looking forward to).

They also have an offer from Bet365 that will double your initial deposit, up to a certain amount and they do advise you to sign up to Betfair, if you have not already.

The 2 services they run at the moment are the Full Tips Service and the 10% Service. The 10% service is ideal for use with a small bank and is suitable for beginners or professional gamblers alike. It is for someone who doesn’t necessarily want to make lots of bets but is happy to have maybe one a day, when the football is on. As you will gather from the title, it is a case of staking 10% of your bank on each bet and then re-calculating your bank after the bet, ready for the next one. The bets are e-mailed to you the night before the game.

The Full Tips Service is the one where you may get up to 6 selections for each match day, only the strongest selections are used. You will also receive the 10% club tips and the lay service tips when it is up and running. Each week there will be at least one treble sent, along with other possible accumulators and extra special bets as and when they arise. Again, all the bets are e-mailed the night before the games.

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