Sunday, Mar. 1, 2015

Soccer Winner

This site was brought to my attention by a reader of ours, who highlighted the fantastic strike rate and profitability of the service. Soccer Winner has produced astonishing results for 2010. It is a one a day service on its’ Premium line but you will get up to 7 tips on match days with the Basic service.

Soccer WinnerSo what does it consist of? As mentioned above you can subscribe to either the Basic service, where you get about 7 selections on match days, sent by SMS and e-mail, or you can subscribe to the Premiuim line, where you get one tip per day, (there are odd occasions where there is no tip, maybe about once a week). You can pick these selections up in the Members Area on the website.

I have not seen previous years results but for 2010 they are showing 27 winners from 35 selections, on the Premium line. This equates to 77% Strike Rate and gives you an ROI of around 40%,which is brilliant in any language. The 2 services are based on different markets. The Premium line deals with the Asian Handicap market, whilst the Basic service deals in the match odds and total goals markets (Unders/Overs).

There are a number of highly redeeming features of this service:-

Extremely profitable

Very high Strike Rate

Stable Profits

Small number of highly selective picks

Free SMS

Reliable Customer Service

If you would like to find out more about this service, go visit the website here.