Sunday, Mar. 1, 2015

System 15

Here is a system that I have been trialling on the forum for the last month. It has done rather well, making 22 points profit in 25 days. It is a system where we are looking to back the Home team and lay the Away team. This is another one that I am going to give you free of charge and I do hope that you enjoy it.

The system is based around head to head stats. We are looking for matches that have fairly strong home form against weaker away form but we also need the odds to be in a certain range as well. It really takes no time at all to go through a full days’ fixtures and pick out the matches that conform to the rules. Once you have found the matches, you back the Home team and lay the Away team, if they fall within the odds range on Betfair.

You need to use the website and go into the soccer section where you will find a whole list of matches played around Europe for that particular day. You can use it for any of the European leagues.

Once you have gone into the list of matches you will see there are 8 columns to the right. We only need columns 1,2, 4 and 6.

Column 1 is the Rating given to the match

Column 2 is the odds for the Home team

Column 4 is the odds for the Away team

Column 6 is the h2h stats for the 2 teams

There is plenty of other information on the site that you can use to test out systems or even make your own system but for the purposes of System 15, you only need those 4 columns.

In column 1 (the Ratings column) we are looking for games that have a Rating of 0.7 or over (if the Rating is negative it means the away side is superior).

In column 2 (the home odds column) we are looking for games within the range 2.0 - 3.0.

In column 4 (the away odds column) we are looking for games within the range of 2.5 - 4.0.

If you find a game that fits all 3 of the above, then you need to click the h2h button in column 6 and this will bring up the head to head stats for that game.

Once you have got the h2h stats you will see at the bottom of your screen in the middle is a table showing “Previous Meetings”. If we take one of today’s games Bochum v Frankfurt, you will see that it shows the Home teams name “Bochum” and then W6-D2-L6  (W5-D2-L0). The first set of figures means the wins, draws losses for Bochum when they have played Frankfurt, the set of figures in brackets means the wins, draws, losses for Bochum when they have played at home to Frankfurt. It is the set of figures in brackets that we are interested in.

Look at the figures in the brackets, there must be at least 4 wins, in the case above there is 5 wins so that would be ok. Also the number of wins has to be equal to or more than the total of draws and losses, shown in the brackets. In the case of Bochum v Frankfurt, there are 5 wins and only 2 draws and losses, so this would be ok. There is one final step to take though.

At the top of the h2h stats page are the performances of the 2 teams over the last 4 games, the home and away games, and finally for all games played in the season. In these tables we are only interested in the goals scored for each team. The goals scored by the home team, ie Bochum in our example, must be greater than the goals scored by Frankfurt in at least 2 out of the 3 tables.

Looking at today’s fixture, you will see that Bochum have scored 4 goals in their last 4 home games, whilst Frankfurt have scored 5 goals in their last 4 away games. In the All home v All away table, Bochum have scored 16 and Frankfurt have scored 16. Finally in the All games table, Bochum have scored 29 and Frankfurt have scored 35. This means that in none of the tables have Bochum scored more goals than Frankfurt. So this game would not qualify as a selection because we needed Bochum to have score more goals than Frankfurt in at least 2 out of the 3 tables and that has not happened. Unfortunately there are no qualifying games today but Bochum v Frankfurt came closest.

If the Bochum v Frankfurt game had been a selection, you would back Bochum if you could get 2.0 or above at any bookmaker and you would lay Frankfurt on Betfair, if you could get 4.0 or lower. It may seem complicated at first but believe me, once you have got into it, the system takes no time at all to follow.

Just a reminder:-

Use the h2hstats site

Match rating +0.7 or higher

Home odds 2.0-3.0

Away odds 2.5-4.0

Home team must have beaten away team at least on 4 occasions at home and the draws and losses combined must not be more than the number of home wins

Home team must have outscored the away team in at least 2 out of the 3 tables in the season performances

If the home side is 2.0 or more back them

If the away side is 4.0 or less lay them.

That is it, good luck and I hope you make your fortune with it.