Monday, Mar. 9, 2015

The Football Cashbuilder System

Football Cash BuilderI started the Football Cashbuilder plan 3 years ago and since that day I have made in excess of £200,000 profit and continue to increase that profit every year whilst flying under the bookmakers radar.

What is unique about my system is there is minimal risk to my betting bank and I let the bookmakers do the work for me. This system is so simple even if you have never placed a bet before you could operate Football Cashbuilder for a few minutes a week every week even from the comfort of your home.

I know you will have seen promises like above and that you will have been scammed before, I assure you this is no scam and the system is covered by a 100% money back guarantee. No one else is using this system or selling it is totally unique. It is not Lay the Draw or Over & Under it is a simple betting concept taking advantage of fixed odds price errors.

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Ok John - Why should we believe you and why are you selling the system?

I am selling the system for two reasons

I was a problem gambler with debts and on every mailing list going. Having developed this system I want to help people like me secure an income which will continue to grow over time.

I worked for a bookmaker and was sick of the rip off odds that would be set out every week, by operating Football Cashbuilder you can strike back and no matter what level you bet at the system will build your bank in a unique way that ultimately will lead to a tax free income running into thousands of pounds every year.

Football betting has changed dramatically over the last few years with more televised football, the advent of Betfair and increased competition amongst bookmakers. It was not too long ago that the only football coupons you could get were from the big bookmakers William Hill, Corals, Ladbrokes and Tote who ran it like a cartel and used to dictate the bets you could have, a singles bet was not allowed and accumulators were set as minimum fivefolds on home games.

The cash builder system would not even have been allowed back in those bad  old days but now with all the competition almost any bet can be placed on football across many different bookmakers and the Football Cashbuilder System has flourished and is an unstoppable way to make your Football Betting Pay.

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