Friday, Jan. 9, 2015

The Football Trading Manual

Football Trading ArticlesTrading on football matches is one of the most profitable and safest trades we can make for a number of reasons which are outlined in the manual.
Football is a great trading game as you don’t ever have to wait for your money.

When you initiate that trade you will have the winnings within the next 2.5 hours as soon as the match is over. Trading on other sports can be longer term as they may be played over a number of days like golf for example.

There are a number of different ways of betting on football and this throws up a number of trading opportunities for us on a daily basis. We trade in all leagues worldwide including all of the cups too.

The Football Trading Manual

The football manual contains the basic trading manual in full along with a detailed trading section which explains fully how to trade Betfair on football. This sections is an additional 7 pages packed with our advice on football trades and contains information about:

Which in-play markets to trade on.

Football trading techniques that guarantee profit nearly every time.

When to trade out of the match for the maximum profit and minimum risk.

Examples of past trades and situations that should be jumped on and also avoided.

Useful sites to research matches and teams.

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