Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014

Fancy Your Hand At Laying This Season?

Football Trading ArticlesYes, it’s that time of year again, we’re in the grips of pre season, you know the types of games, Chelsea versus a Taggart select X1 ( make that select X– because “THERE’S BIN A MURRRDER!”) just waiting for the real thing to get started in August.

Have you prepared  your campaign against the bookies this season? What’ll it be – backing, laying, trading – the good old accumulators that seem to go pearshaped at about the same time every Saturday (you know –about 4.43pm!) or traditional fixed odds betting on the long list coupon?

Well, this year I’m going to focus on a laying strategy to last me the whole season .Why? Well, I’ve just finished reading and it is a very impressive manual. It’s called “Laying to Win - Soccer System Secrets”, and judging by past performance is set to allow me to Lay to Win for this upcoming season.


The author Lawrence Taylor has claimed to turn an initial £1000 starting bank into a 5 figure sum in a single season for the last 7 years. His bets, following his strategy, are fully verifiable which instills an element of confidence that past results have a chance of being replicated in the coming season. Strike rates in these last 7 years vary between 90   to 93% - very respectable and high enough for profitable laying.

There are 3 selection systems for each of the lay bets utilised and it is immediately clear that there is an element of  logic and statistical proofing to these bets to make the eventuality we are laying least likely to occur.

Here is a précis of Lawrence’s selection strategy ( without giving too much away!)

“Exploit high scoring teams and (by) combining them together with high league table positions (to) take(s) take full advantage of the profit potential”

and I tend to agree.

The system uses games from the Scottish, French, German, Spanish, Italian and of course English leagues to great effect. The selection process will leave you in no doubt as to whether there is a qualifying lay or not.

Staking is covered in full as well which is good to see, because money management is the KEY ingredient to success along with selection process. A number of options are given from level stakes to limiting liability to a predetermined figure ( as already discussed in the lay article).

I am itching to get started and have already set aside my £1000 betting bank ( being money that I can comfortably afford to lose BUT which, as you can appreciate, I’d prefer to see increase to 5 figures in a year’s time!)


An extremely well written manual ( far removed from the usual ebook which seems to have been written by blindfolded chimpanzees who have taken English lessons from Jade Goody!) which has no grey areas or ambiguities and leaves you in no doubt as to when you have a qualifying bet. The selection system, like anything new, will take you  time to familiarise yourself with but when broken down into its constituent parts is really easy to follow and impliment.

Put the effort in and I’m convinced previous results will be replicated – speak to me in a year’s time and I hope I’ll confirm this!