Sunday, Dec. 29, 2013


Details about the main organisations that control horse racing in the UK and Ireland.

Jockey Club
Official site for the regulatory authority for horse racing.

Racecourse Association
Come racing for information on fixtures, courses and special events.

Racehorse Owners Association
The function of the Racehorse Owners Association is to promote and protect the interests of racehorse owners.

Middleham Trainers’ Association
Middleham Trainers’ Association provides details of trainers and the latest results,etc that pertain to them.

International Thoroughbred Auctioneers
An international trade group representing the principal sellers at public auction of all categories of thoroughbred horses.

British Horseracing Board
Official site for the governing authority for horse racing in Great Britain. Includes race results, racecourse info, guides to racing and race horse ownership.