Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2014

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Horse Racing Message Forums

Win2Win Horse Racing Forum
One of the most popular horse racing forums on the internet. Offers comprehensive range of advice, systems, staking plans, free tips and much more. Excellent.

Yew Tree Racing
A sports and betting forum, which also includes a section for horse racing advice.

Final Furlong Racing
A good active message board that includes horses to follow, greyhounds to follow and tipping competitions. They also have chat room.

Best of the Bets
One of my favourite horse racing forums on the net. Full of lively characters, good tips and systems, and overall just a really good place to observe and learn from the people who know the business of horse racing inside-out.

Punter Profits
Horse racing membership forum, monthly publication, and comprehensive horse racing directory all rolled into one. Run by a bunch of professionals who really know the game and actively share their knowledge with others.

Expert Betting Advice
Lively horse racing and sports betting forum. Includes sections for tips, systems, horse racing talk and greyhound betting.

The Racing Forum
An active forum on horse racing and sports betting. Has some interesting discussions and is well supported by a knowledgeable group of people.

UK Supreme Horseracing
Horse racing forum and chat room.

Punters Lounge
Message board where they discus horse racing systems and strategies.