Sunday, Dec. 21, 2014

GreyHorse Bot + Profit Rocket = Winning Combination…

If like me, you have been through what I call the “Rollercoaster Ride” that is betting on horse racing, then using a “Bot” such as The Grey Horse Bot will definitely improve the emotional ups and downs of the journey. I have been keen to take a closer look at the latest “wonder product” to hit the market in the shape of the Profit Rocket after reading on my colleague (Mark  LaytonLay Betting blog), how well it had performed since its launch.

The Greyhorse Bot ReviewI arranged to receive a trial of the product, and after carefully reading through the manual it was clear that the method was simple and straightforward, but, as it involved laying multiple horses in many races, also with varying levels of stakes, and using maximum lay prices, it was very apparent that this was a job for the Grey Horse Bot.

Each day you access The Profit Rocket selections via a password protected web page at around midday. I printed the page off so I could record my lay bets and the results etc. You then simply fire up the Grey Horse Bot select the races and horses to lay, specify the stakes and any maximum prices, and let it do its stuff!

On checking the past results of the Profit Rocket I thought I would try and even out the peaks and troughs of the results as it was pretty evident that the lay method was showing a healthy profit, but I also realised how frustrating to could be to have accumulated a tidy profit from the earlier races only then to give back profit by having a string of losing lays later in the day.

I decided that 5 points profit would be a sensible target for each day and I would stop if, or when this was achieved. I also felt that 10 points loss should be a sensible cut off to call it a day. We all know the perils of chasing our losses.

Fortunately these two features are built in with the Grey Horse Bot so it was simply a case of loading in these settings. I wanted to use real money for the trial rather than in “practise mode”, as this to me is the “real” acid test of any method testing.

The Profit Rocket suggests stakes from 0.25 points up to 2 points for the lay bets. I decided that £8.00 would equal a point and therefore the 0.25 stake would meet the Betfair nominal minimum of £2.00, however, the Grey Horse Bot can easily handle placing bets at less than the Betfair minimum – yet another benefit.

I started my trial on of all the days FRIDAY 13TH NOVEMBER, and it finished a few days ago on 25th November, giving me 13 days of activity. On a typical day there can be 15-25 races, and around a total of 30-45 horses to lay. In my trial I layed in excess of 400 individual horses, which to my mind is plenty to get a feel as to how good or bad the Profit Rocket actually is.

Well the good news is it definitely does deliver……………………. I will let my results speak for themselves.

ALL RACES / SELECTIONS (excluding those where maximum price was exceeded).

13th 20 12 -4.36 -4.36
14th 18 12 +9.09 +4.73
15th 12 8 +4.94 +9.67
16th 6 6 +5.21 +14.88
17th 15 8 -2.39 +12.49
18th 14 11 +4.99 +17.48
19th 11 7 -0.51 +16.97
20th 8 3 -7.21 +9.76
21st 15 5 -9.89 -0.13
22nd 15 9 +1.83 +1.70
23rd 19 13 +6.10 +7.80
24th 19 10 +1.66 +9.46
25th 23 16 +9.05 +18.51
Total 195 120

Results Using The GreyHorse Bot (5 point profit or 10 point stop loss)

13th 4 4 +5.69 +5.69
14th 6 4 +5.06 +10.75
15th 9 7 +5.08 +15.83
16th 6 6 +5.21 +21.04
17th 15 8 -2.39 +18.65
18th 10 8 +5.38 +24.03
19th 11 7 -0.51 +23.52
20th 8 3 -7.21 +16.31
21st 15 5 -9.89 -6.42
22nd 15 9 +1.83 +8.25
23rd 11 9 +5.53 +13.78
24th 6 5 +5.60 +19.38
25th 3 3 +5.00 +24.38
Total 119 78

So in summary, using the Profit Rocket as described in the method book proved to be profitable during my trial, however, by making use of the GreyHorse Bot, and my suggested daily target profit and stop losses actually delivered +31.71% more profit, as well as significantly reducing the number of races/horses layed and ultimately producing a far greater Return on Investment.

Based on this I have no hesitation in fully recommending the Profit Rocket and the Grey Horse Bot which make up a winning combination!

Just remember that you can use the GreyHorse Bot for any of the systems you currently use and you don’t have to buy The Profit Rocket when you buy GHB to get the benefit of this great Betting Bot.

As you can see by my testings above, I combined both PR and GHB together to show you how it works.

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