Monday, Jul. 21, 2014

10 Minute Lay Betting System

Lay Betting TutorialsThe lay system you are about to read is a quickfire system which i have used to produce good quality lay results without spending hours tied to the PC. As with any betting system the more you put in the more you get out. We still have to do a little homework to allow us to take confidence from our selection before putting our money down on the chosen horse.

This system has been designed with safety in mind, the main example of this is to allow this comes in the form of protecting our bank.Bank management is sometimes overlooked, however without taking care in this area you could find your account empty if you don’t stick to the rules. Within this system you will find we don’t lay any high priced horses, this should seem like common sense. However you would be surprised how many people still do lay horses at high odds.

This is what i mean by bank management, a sure way to lose large amounts of money in one swoop is to lay that 10/1 shot and then watch in horror as he romps home. The great advantage we have a layers is that only one horse can win a race, so that means we have all the other runners in the race on our side. Larger fields sometimes add to this and provide more opportunities for our lay to not run well, however as long as we have the 9 runners required for this system then we are ready to lay.

1) Identify horses that are priced up to and including 4/1 in the RP online.

The reason we don’t lay horses over these prices is for obvious reasons. We are trying to identify horses which have been priced incorrectly withing the race and use these prices to select a suitable lay within the system rules.

2) Ensure the race has at least 9 runners.

Horse races with less runners should be avoided with this method as we are looking to have a number of horses as competition to our lay selection.

3) Racing Post Ratings, make sure at least 5 other horses are within 10 points of our selection.

This is to make sure there is plenty of competition within the race we are looking at.

4) Make sure our selection is not the post data pick.

The racing post post date pick is not set in stone by any means however it does give a good reflection of a horse with good credentials within the race.

5) Check the Trainer and Jockeys % in the Stats section, make sure the Trainer and Jockeys % are below 15%.

These statistics give us a detailed look into how the horses trainer and and stable are performing. The jockey stats let us know how well the rider is over the course of his rides.

I hope you have enjoyed this quickfire lay system, if you require more information on laying horses like a Pro then head over to FrontLine Lay.

I wish you well on your future success.