Monday, Aug. 25, 2014

Back A Horse To Lose

Lay Betting TutorialsI mentioned in my previous article about what a potent weapon laying could be in our betting armoury. One of the key advantages of laying is that by opposing one horse, we are effectively backing the other horses in the race. So if we have laid one horse in an 18 runner race, we have 17 other horses running for us.

I want to start you off with this nifty little lay system which requires no exhaustive form analysis or time – just look, read and lay –happy days!

I wanted a simple one a day strategy which would effectively select my lay for me with no indecision . I wanted a one a day strategy with an element of logic about it, and below (roll the drums) is my simple system

LAY the racing post betting forecast favourite in the UK race with the biggest field of the day!

Yes, folks, that’s it, short and sweet. Why the biggest field? Simply – more rivals for the horse to beat and the promise of potential problems and a degree of competitiveness. I always tend to favour the biggest field wherever – what do I mean? Well, this system is for UK racing but if there is an Irish race with 20+ runners I would lean towards that as my selection for the day.

Try it out, paper trading initially. Past results have been most encouraging . Choosing the betting forecast favourite in the racing post just makes the decision making process a little easier.

Another simple one a day strategy is the lay the betting forecast favourite in the first race of the day in the UK.

Again simple, and effective, there have been some great runs of losing betting forecast favourites . This has been a good strategy for me over the long term, with the potential of long winning runs. It’s simple, straightforward and requires not form analysis etc.

There will be losing lays – that goes with the territory but both of these simple strategies are long term and must be worked as long term strategies.

A simple staking plan involving a percentage of your betting bank should suffice eg 5% level stakes, and over the long term you should come out infront.

It’s fuss free, simple to implement and potentially rewarding.