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A Collection of Poker Software links to help you win more at Poker!

Video Poker Software

Poker Tracker
PokerTracker allows you to track your poker sessions and calculates some standard statistics. You can see your standard deviation and hourly rate based on where, what and how high you play. You can also graph your winnings, hourly rate, and standard deviation. Heads up Display (PokerAceHud) also available so you can rely on up to date statistics while you play! It is supported by the major sites.

Hold ‘Em Manager

Very similar to PokerTracker in that every hand is tracked and you are able to play back hands at a moment’s notice. I also love the ability that I am able to graph my sessions. The Heads Up Display is so useful that I cannot play without it.  It is supported by the major sites. Click here to read a detailed review of this product, including screenshots.

Pokulator is an interactive training tool to analyze poker hands and give players important information about their hands and the odds on different scenarios after each card is turned. Pokulator also has training quizes that teach the odds and improve a players skills. Pokulator Pro is a great help to online players and best of all it is completely free. Click here to find out more information.

DD Tournament Poker
DD Tournament Poker is easy to use. Practice playing limit, pot limit and no limit texas hold’em against computer opponents that are modeled after real types of playing styles such as Fish, Rock, Weak-Tight and Solid. DD Poker records all the hands you play, in both practice and online so you can analyze your performance. Click here to find out more information.

Card Analyzer
Card Analyzer Network is an online analysis service available for Texas Hold’em players. It revolutionizes the way you analyze both your play and the play of your opponents when you play poker online. The idea is as simple as the program is advanced - and easy to use.

Holdem Winner
For every decision the Texas Hold’em player faces from pre-flop strategy all the way through to calling at the river, this software provides all the information necessary to maximize your return based on the exact probabilities of winning at a given moment of playtime.

Texas Holdem Poker Sidekick
Poker Sidekick is a poker odds calculator and Windows-based software that trains you on how to become a better Texas Hold’em poker player and Monitors your actual online play and shows you how to win. Also available is the Texas Holdem Poker E-Course that will help you profit from Texas Hold’em Poker games and tournaments.

Poker Base
Statistical program analyzes an individual’s Texas Hold’em play at Paradise Poker using hand histories. Gather profiles on competition in order for you to play optimally.

Poker Tracking
PokerTracking is a web-based poker software for poker/gambling session tracking. Track all of your sessions and see detailed charts and graphs to help give you a better understanding of your progress in your poker career.All for free.

Poker Stove
PokerStove is a poker calculator for Texas Hold’em which is able to compute an exact solution roughly 100 times faster than general purpose evaluators. It is currently available free of charge, with no spyware, spam or other annoyances. Download and enjoy.

TH Software - PokerStat
PokerStat is an online poker hand tracker, and a powerful statistical database program that allows you to not only know and analyze your opponent’s weaknesses and strengths, but also your own. PokerStat versions support Hold’Em and Omaha Hi and HiLo 8 games and tournaments on Paradise Poker and PokerStars.

The PokerWiz is an analysis tool, where you can find out what the probabilities and odds are in any poker situation. PokerWiz 2 and other products available.

Bad Beat or Not
Free poker calculator for Texas Hold’em. Had an online poker bad beat? Calculate your true hand strength, poker odds and probability of poker hands with this texas holdem poker odds calculator.

Also known as ‘Hold ‘Em Showdown’. It prompts for information from you which specifies a Texas Hold’Em poker “all-in” situation for two or more players, and then gives you the chances of each player winning (or tying). It works by enumeration rather than simulation. Thus its results are a tabulation of all possibilities of remaining board cards and are exact, rather than an approximation based on an arbitrary number of simulated deals.

Gamsoft Poker Analyzer
Universal tool for quick and accurate analysis of poker situations. Texas holdem, Omaha, 7-card stud, 5-card stud, Hi/Low games, etc.

Hendon Mob Poker Database
This is the most comprehensive database of poker players, venues, festivals, events and results to be found anywhere on the Net. It is kept constantly up to date with the latest results as they arrive.

Hold’em Analyzer
If you are a serious player, this software will improve your game dramatically. It is easy to use and has neat graphics. You can download a free evaluation version that you can test for a period of 30 days.

Hold’em Spy
A software developed to simplify and improve your online poker gambling. Holdem Spy will give you real-time information in each betting round by instantly reading your cards and tracking your opponents. With Holdem Spy you do not need to focus all of your brain capacity calculating outcomes and pot odds, instead concentrate on your opponents.

Holdem Odds Calculator
Calculates odds of different hands with single click at “Flop” stage of the game, displays probabilites in “Turn” and “River” stage of Hold’em poker game, easy point-and-click selection of inital hand, always-on-top option and theres a help file included which makes it easy to use.

Holdem Killer
Hold’em Killer is an advanced real-time advisory tool for guiding your Texas Hold’Em game. It runs right in your browser. It plays well against real human players.

Online Poker Inspector
Online Hold’em Inspector is an add-on software for online Texas Hold’em poker game. If you run the Inspector while playing online holdem, it will capture all the upcards from the game table and display detailed hold’em stats for all betting rounds instantly .

Online Poker Tools
Free full featured Software is available here.

Poker Calculator
A program for calculating poker show down odds. The program can calculate probabilities either by combinatorics (going through all the possible situations) or by simulating many random deals. All-in simulations with multiple sidepots are also supported.

Poker Academy
Texas Hold’em version is the world’s best poker software. It utilizes world renowned Artificial Intelligence research developed over more than 10 years. Poker Academy software will assist you in taking your poker game to the next level.

Poker Edge Network
The Poker Edge Group specializes in the collection and analysis of information pertaining to poker players. The company´s competence lies in analyzing behavioral patterns, poker strategy, Internet solutions and data mining.

Poker Villain
A playback program for the transcripts you download from the internet poker servers. You know how those transcripts end up being tens of pages long and impossible to read through? With the Villain you can read through them easily, make notes on the plays you see, sort through the hands and pick out only the important ones.

Pokenum (poker hand analyzer)
The poker calculator and mini calculator (for mobile browsers) are powered by the open source poker libraries available on sourceforge, specifically the pokenum example program that is included with them. For complex non-holdem requests a 500,000 sample simulation will be used in lieu of complete enumeration.

Poker Journal Software
Poker Journal is software that allows you to keep complete and detailed poker records on your computer. It will provide in-depth, statistical analysis to help you evaluate and improve your play and keep it fine-tuned.

Poker-Spy is a full featured poker tool and the Leader in Real Time Player Profiling. The Patent Pending Alert System and Game Tracker constantly watches your game and alerts you of opponent’s play. It will even show hands your opponents muck at the showdown.

Poker Compiler
A Windows poker game and poker analyzer that enables you to practice, play poker for fun, or analyze poker on your personal computer. The computer players’ actions are completely controlled by poker strategy files. You can read or modify the strategy files, which are scripts in the Poker Language. The Poker Language mimics poker thinking

Poker Calc
A free poker caculator that uses java and is all ready to help you understand hand odds and become a better player. No download required.

Track all your poker sessions with this useful tool. Complete with custom charts, bankroll tracker and lots of helpful evaluation statistics.

Poker Office
Allows you to track all of your opponents actions as well as your own game, while you are playing, without any need for hand histories or user input. It stores all of the collected data and brings you summarized statistical reports, spreadsheets and graphs of your own and your opponents play.

Redline Poker
Redline Poker was born to ease the management and record keeping of poker games, and to present the results, recaps, and pictures to the players via the web. The site integrates many other features, including an invitation system that make the entire process of hosting a poker game or tournament simple and quick.

Texas Holdem Assisstant
Odds and tips for the player wanting to improve their game. The software application is free to download and will teach you how to evaluate your hand and play accordingly. It will help you improve your game through understanding starting hands, position, playing style, odds and outs.

The Edge
The Free Demo of ‘The Edge’ stat tracking software looks and feels identical to the full version. The free demo alone will give you invaluable poker information about your Hold’em opponents every time you sit down to play. I think every poker player will benefit from using its ability to record poker statistics. The free demo does not track poker stats by player name though, only the full version of The Edge does that.

Turning River
Find out the true odds of a given situation. It’s easy to be misled into thinking that hands like pocket Aces are always heavy favorites. Plug in several starting hands against pocket Aces, and see what your advantage really is. How does tht advantage change when there are more people in the hand? Knowing the real odds can help you rethink the way you would play a hand.

Ultimate Buddy
You’ll know instantly if your poker buddies are online at any poker site powered by UltimateBet. And it doesn’t stop there! You’ll also know when they join a game and what type of game it is. UltimateBuddy can even take you directly to the table! Want to keep notes about your buddies? You can do that, too!

Video Poker Calculator
An odds and return calculator for video poker aficionados and online gamblers. The program automatically analyzes probabilities of getting a desired card combination and likely return. The program supports all popular poker types, like Jacks or Better, Deuces Wilds, Aces & Faces, Double Bonus and others.

Video Poker Coach
Video Poker Coach is the shortest way to become a professional poker player that uses his or her skills for fun and profit. This program is comprehensive poker training software with statistics history, progress tracker, error pointer, advisor and other handy features. It shows what mistakes you make most often and advises you on the best strategy for any given hand.

Win Holdem
Play perfect holdem at all the popular online poker sites. The PokerBot they DO NOT want you to have!