Saturday, Dec. 20, 2014

Betfair Games X-Hi Lo

As simple as it sounds this game offers odds on whether the next card drawn from the pack is either Hi or Low! The only problem is there is no Brucy bonus if you get it right! I can see you roll your eyes and drone but this is actually quite relevant. You see when most of us gamble we are looking for that big win.

This psychology is what keeps us from winning in the long run. As a professional I would much rather take small but consistent wins to increase my bank than have a flutter and win big! If you’re looking for big wins then Betfair Games is not for you!

Exchange Hi Lo X BetfairSo psychology lesson over we need to look at how the game is structured.

We start by having 12 cards. These start with a 2 being the lowest and then working their way up through the ranks reaching the highest card which is an Ace. At the start of the game the “start” card is the first card which is revealed. Before this happens though we have an opportunity to back how far (or lay of course) we think the hi lo sequence is going to get. This runs right down to the last card which offers odds of 18/1. The sequence getting past the first card is 2/7 or 1.29.

Once we have missed this opportunity to bet the “start” card is revealed and the computer will “guess” whether the next card will be high or low (you can see where the original name comes from now!).

It really is as simple as that. So, I hear you cry where’s the money! Well it’s definitely there for the taking but I will be back soon with how we need to manage our bankroll, staking plans and a cool calculator that lets you make a profit even if your bet turns out to be a loser!

I will be back within the next few days with an insight into Betfair Exchange X-Blackjack. Until then, happy punting and good luck!

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