Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015

Bet Manager Review Part 1

As promised in my introduction, in this article I am going to explore this product in somewhat more depth.

As explained in my introduction last week, Bet Manager is a tool for, well, managing all your bets in a rather more controlled way than is possible with the normal Betfair interface.

So let’s see what it looks like:

Bet Manager

When you first enter the software, I am impressed at the number of options available to the user…

Of course this does mean you will need to spend some time getting used to the different options.  But the advantage is you do not need to waste time looking for options once you familiarise yourself.  On here you will find a range of useful automated bet options, including dutching, arbing and each-way bets.

Another useful feature is that when you pick a market, you can hover over your market selection and get further detailed picks such as “Pick all favourites”, “Pick favourites for places” and so, and this will come up automatically on the screen in addition to your market selections.  The screenshot on the left shows an example after some horse racing markets have been select.

But more than just selecting markets, you can also add a filter to make your betting more controlled.  For example, if you decide to lay a particular horse, you can create a condition only to make the trade on condition that certain horses are running.

Its also useful for employing staking plans. For example, you can set a ‘virtual bank’ of £100.  If you then employ a staking plan of 5% of this bank, the system will place stakes of £5 on all your trades. Similarly if you are laying, you can choose to see a maximum liability for all your lay trades.

Another nice feature is that you set up accumulators on the markets traded.

This is just a selection of the features, and I encourage you to look for yourself.

Good software should save your valuable time, and this certainly meets that criteria.

Download Bet Manager Here