Thursday, Aug. 21, 2014

Scalping on the Tennis Trading League

Continuing the tennis theme, as promised, in this article I will be delving deeper into the Tennis Trading League System,

As you will recall, the system splits into 4 main areas:

  • Tennis Scalper
  • ChampWinnings
  • Race Your Profit
  • Final Serve

I am going to look in depth at each of these systems starting today with tennis scalper.

It should be noted firstly that Patrick Ross, the system author, recommends the use of BetAngel Pro as “the optimum” platform for employing his tennis trading strategies.  And as you will have read in my recent review of BetAngel, I certainly would not dispute this.   Nevertheless if you already have a favoured software platform you can still use this.  The main point is that you are going to have to be comfortable with your software and it is probably better to use something other than the standard Betfair interface to use the system profitably.

The latest version of the software (2.0) comes in the form of training videos.  This is undoubtedly a big improvement on the old pdf manuals as video has a number of advantages over pdf for learning purposes.  Most obviously, video allow you to actually see ‘live’ examples of the trading in action.

Scalping basically refers to trading profitably on small price fluctuations.  The tutorial goes into some depth about how to do this.

The system is really well presented, though I did note a couple of occasions when “receiving” and “serving” player were mixed up.  E.g it is stated that the receiver is facing a break point at 0-40, when clearly the serving player was meant.  Not a problem for your average tennis fan, but as the system is also intended for anyone without knowledge of the sport, it could cause some confusion

But that aside, the method is well explained and users are encouraged to try out the system gradually, increasing stakes only when they are confident with the system.  In this respect, there is really nothing or at least very little to lose, and I can certainly see potential from this system.

It is vital to see how the system actually works in practise, and this is precisely what the video does.  You are shown a live trade and how to deal with the 2 main stages of opening and closing the trade.   This is really excellent, and of course you can watch this as many times as you like until you get used to it.

There are probably 2 key words for making this system work: “Patience” and “Persistence”, since as is clearly explained, there are only a few points in any tennis match when a scaling trade is possible or profitable.  But should that matter? Clearly not, since most trading requires this sort of discipline.

I look forward to letting you know my own results of using this system.

In the next part of this review, I will look at the “ChampWinnings” system.  See you then!