Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2013

Biggest low/middle No Limit FISHES in Betfair Poker - UPDATED 27 JANUARY 2010!

I have GREAT NEWS as I am back with another update and this time I managed to snatch some hand histories off a regular who really puts in the hours. With this new powerful information you will be able to beat your friends at poker and enemies alike at Betfair Poker. By clicking on this link you will also be sure to earn between 30 and 40% rakeback twice a month. If you already have an account at Betfair but no rakeback deal, I would recommend opening up a new account under a friend/relative’s name as it’s just too good of an opportunity to miss.

This time I filtered the hands to 1000 minimum and the limits are mainly 50nl and 100nl. I will post a limit fish list update very soon as I am trying to negotiate some hand histories off some regulars.