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Value At The Races Introduction

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March 21, 2012


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Value At The Races Introduction

Value At The Races - Introduction

21st March 2012

Value at the Races

Insp Lucian Introduces Value At The Races

Hi Bloggers,

Let me introduce to you a new horse tipping service review. Code name - Value At The Races - a tipping horse service member from Winning Information Network. The tips come from someone by the name of Ed.

Ed has provided this service with good results so far. Starting on 31st October 2011 and till Wednesday 21st March 2012 the profit is over 760 points.

Value At The Races is limited to 200 members and the price is 40 pounds per 28  days without VAT.

Staking Plan  - 500 Point starting Bank, divide bank by 500 to give a 1 point value. They will advise, on email selections, how many points to stake on each bet. On each bet usual bets will be 10 Points Win Bets or 5 Points Each Way Bets. Tips will be delivered mid morning by e mail.

Also I’ll use a level stakes bank of 100 points with 1 point on win bet and 0.5 point on Each Way bets.

As always Betfair and BSP prices will be used for review. Betfair commission will be applied to results.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the Value At The Races review.


[Click here to see Value At The Races .....]

Value At The Races  Review by Inspector Lucian

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  1. Vakster says:

    Tried it……rubbish. AVOID AVOID AVOID

    1. LTO Admin says:

      Hi Vakster
      Certainly the results of the review are not good but we have to let it run it’s full course in order to be fair.