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Cricket Tipster Review

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June 9, 2012


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Cricket Tipster Review

Cricket Tipster – Final Review

Cricket Tipster

May 31 2012

Insp Steve Reviewing Cricket Tipster

Hi Bloggers,

To recap, Cricket Tipster is a product from a bloke called Anth Raine, who claims he is a “disillusioned ex Ladbrokes manager who uses inside knowledge to profit big  (Classic tale of gamekeeper turns poacher)’.

Cricket Tipster is a tipping service for cricket which has regular email advice (pretty much daily for the duration of this review) and backup information via a members area on the website (which I never used, the tips always arrive in the inbox with upwards of 12 hours to spare). This system is simple to use and claimed to consistently finds winners at 7/2 and over. There is a 100% money back guarantees if you are not satisfied with the product with a cost of £7 for the first month and £37 per month thereafter.

So altogether there were 200 bets, 70 winners, 127 losers ad 3 ties for a strike rate of 35 per cent. 222.5 points were staked for a return of 257.3 points, a profit of 34.8 points (this differs slightly from the Day 84 report as when I was compiling these stats I had made a couple of errors along the way).

So therefore, using a point value of $100 the total amount staked would have been $22,205 for a return of $25,730, a return on investment of around 15.9 per cent, which is not to be sneezed at in the current economic climate!

The good thing about Cricket Tipster is that it doesn’t require a huge starting bank and is designed for level staking though there could be some merit in using a percentage bank staking system going forward as if this performance repeats it will build up nicely. I rate this product 3.5 stars.

Start Balance: 100 points

Total P/L: 34.8 points

Final Balance: 134.8 points


Inspector Steve reviewing Cricket Tipster

See Cricket Tipster sales page here

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