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Auto Bettors Bot Review

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April 22, 2013


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Auto Bettors Bot Review

Auto Bettors Bot Review SCAM

In our opinion this is a SCAM straight away because, what legitimate company needs to mislead their clients using an unknown pay as you go email service using a misleading email address?

That is exactly what the sellers of Auto Bettors Bot decided to do. Additionally, I know that it is the owners who have done this directly because they sent their email campaign out with a direct link to their click bank Auto Bettors Bot sales page. No affiliate using a pay as you go service would do that. As there would be no affiliate compensation at the end if someone they sent actually bought the product. Do marketers of today not understand that you get better conversions when your list of subscribers actually trust you… They are the masters of their own disgraceful downfall but, they do not realise it unfortunately.

Also Auto Bettors Bot owners sent an email out from this email address [email protected].

This is almost identical to the website betting system truths but do not be fooled. The “S” in their website name follows the word “truth” not “system” as they have it. It is designed to look as if BST has sent the email dear reader because at a quick glance you would think this email is from the guys over at betting system truths…. It obviously isn’t… This was actually done a few years ago and I suspect by the same people. It screams of insecurity in their own list power and they have to use the good names to make sales. It’s actually pathetic of the Auto Bettors Bot owners.

The total give away for me has to be the fact that the Auto Bettors Bot owners use this unknown email service to blast spam out to people but, capture email addresses on the sales page using a reputable email company which is called “Get Response”.  The Auto Bettors Bot owners obviously have a business in the background they want to protect, otherwise they would have promoted it using their get response email list provider… There have been times in the past that it has actually been what I would consider reputable people in this market trying  to make a few bucks anonymously by selling crappy products… We shall see.

I appreciate many of you wouldn’t have received the email I talk about and it may have gone straight into your Bulk/Junk mail. I also assume you may have read about this scam directly from BST. That’s fine. I also know that your intelligence wouldn’t be insulted by such a flash Bull Sh*t website. So I do not need to warn you off products like Auto Bettors Bot any more…

Auto Bettors Bot Review SCAM

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