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Favourites Phenomenon Review

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November 19, 2010


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Favourites Phenomenon Review

Favourites Phenomenon Review

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Favourites Phenomenon

How did Favourites Phenomenon do in our 12 week trial?

We have completed a trial on the Favourites Phenomenon system from March 8th until May 31st 2010!
I have to say that it is quite impressive as far as the performance is concerned. When we did the trial, we was able to see how the FP Bot works and it showed that it is a reliable system to use.
It did have one time when it let us down, we simply reinstalled it and it was back to its good running performance again.
We have tried the Favourites Phenomenon system and robot for 84 days and we had 21 of these days with no betting because of the Maximum Potential Loss limits.
So of the 63 days of running, there were only two days that we failed to get a win. This system has different levels and I have tried all of them which gave me results as follow:
  • Level 1, we had 62 days and 59 of these were winning days with a strike rate of 95.23%.
  • Level 2, we had 47 days and 46 days of which were winning, giving us a 98.04% strike rate.
And lastly,
  • Level 3 ran for 44 days with 43 days of which were winning, this gave a 97.75% strike rate.
Not every race will be a winner. There are some comments saying that if you follow Favourites Phenomenon manual, you will only get one point profit even if you bet on 70 to 121 points.
Favourites Phenomenon has corrected this and came up with figures:
  • Level 1:  122.6 points outlay, Profit 41.79 points = ROI 34.13%, average points outlay per day = 1.98.
  • Level 2, 102 points outlay, Profit 35.94 points = ROI 35.12%, average points outlay per day = 2.12.
  • Level 3, 130.66 pointsí outlay, Profit 19.54 points = ROI 14.95%, average points outlay per day = 2.97.
From these figures, the outlay on levels 1 and 2 shows it does not need high bets to get 1 point profit. This method has actually put protection for your stakes from getting out of hand. With Favourites Phenomenon, you can adjust the protetion levels to fit where you are most comfortable as a bettor.
I would like to recommend level 1 more, as you can have more action, making losses a lot lower. Level 2 is also good but for the author, he personally uses level 3.  If you want a steady profit and consistent performance, level 2 is actuallythe best to usebased on our final review figures.
As any product, Favourites Phenomenon also has its downsides. First is its price, which is 35 pounds a month but, if you have lots of time to use this, you can just use the manual way to place your bets close to the off with only 10 seconds. Of course, there will be variations in different situations. The results that will all depend on the way you have calculated and placed your bets.

In conclusion, I would give this 4 stars based on the 12 week review period that we have conducted. If you want less hassle, level 1 and 2 would be better to keep the stakes low. But still, it is up to the user on how they will play the game. Favorites Phenomenon can help you as long as you put its settings correct.

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Richard Van Orden - Reviews Favourites Phenomenon

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