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Lay The Ratings Review

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November 25, 2010


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Lay The Ratings Review

Lay The Ratings Review

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Lay The RatingsLay the Ratings - The last Recap

Passing the Lay the Ratings is a great achievement. There are a very few systems available those actually grade a particular moment. To be precise there are only 3 systems in total available for this purpose and Lay the Ratings is one of these three systems.

24th of January marked the beginning of the trial period of the new robust system. However, it was concluded successfully on the 24th of April the same year. This comprehensive test of the new Lay The Ratings lasted three months (90 betting days to be precise).

We received a massiveamount of emails full of 430 selections. These emails flooded out email account, out of all these selections a significant number of selections won. The wining selections were 355 to be precise. This depicts that the strike rate was very impressive showing a figure of 82.56%. These figures are very good for a trial.

In the trial run the test price was 6.59 BFSP for a selection criterion showing 430 selections. The return on investment (ROI) figure is immensely important for any person uses this or any other betting system for this matter. Here we are talking about an 11% ROI value. Span this over period of months and you can have a jackpot.

How much profit will Lay The Rating make you at the end, or how much is your ROI value? It all depends upon the actual size of your investment account. The more you invest the more you will gain. Therefore if you have invested an amount of say £ 100 under this system. Then your amount including the ROI value will be a total of £ 143. This is impressive amount of growth. With a much significant amount you can imagine the amount of investment return you can gather at the end of betting season. This is your return of the initial and actual investment at the rate of 43.56%. This rate is self speaking and impressive altogether. You can imagine the results using Lay The Ratings if you apply this rate for 4-5 continuous years.

With Lay the ratings you will certainly increase the value of your investment by investing more and getting a better ROI rate. So if you like a rough sketch about how the money invested by you will be increased and how much well have a look (£ 100 = £ 143.56, £ 500 = 717.80, £ 2000 = £ 2,871.20) hence, Lay the Ratings is recommended to all with a 3.5 star rating.

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Lay The Ratings Review

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