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ZH Subscribe - Final Review

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January 31, 2012


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ZH Subscribe – Final Review

ZH Subscribe - Final Review

ZH Subscribe

26th January 2012


Inspector DJ - Reviews ZH Subscribe

Hello Bloggers,

ZH Subscribe is a subscription based lay tipping service for football.

The team at ZH Subscribe offer a fourteen day free trial, then a payment choice of £15 per month, or £150 per year.

Their website clearly states that no refunds will be made, and recommends that new subscribers take a monthly deal initially, to make sure that they are happy with the service, before extending their subscription, should they so wish.

They currently concentrate on seven major leagues across the globe:

England’s Premier League and Championship
Italy’s Serie A
Spain’s La Liga
Norway’s Tippaligaen
Major League Soccer from the States
and Brazil’s Campeonato

During the course of the test, one French Ligue 1 game was advised, but none from Serie A and Major League Soccer.

When I started the review, according to the results shown on the website, there had been ten selections for August and September, with an expectation of eight to sixteen selections a month, which looked ideal for those that do not wish to be overloaded with bets.

This review covered a twelve week period, as there was not bets every day.

Zero Hype Subscribe also offer the opportunity to receive selections via SMS to advise when a selection has been issued, and appears from the instruction video to take a couple of minutes to set up.

Each selection will advise a liability to be risked on each selection, together with advice as to when the bet should be traded, hopefully when the plan goes in the right direction.

The review started with two banks of £500, one to trade with, the other to have straight lay bets from.

The results were as follows:

Trading Bank:
Start balance: £500.00.
Total profit: £77.34.
Final balance: £577.34

Matches traded: 20
Wins: 19
Loss: 1
Strike Rate: 95.0%

Betting Bank:
Start balance: £500.00.
Total profit: £64.79.
Final balance: £564.79

Matches layed: 20
Wins: 18
Loss: 2
Strike Rate: 90.0%

Start balance: £1000.00
Total profit: £142.13
Final balance: £1142.13

Total liabilities: £1039.98
Return on liability: 13.7%

A return from the service of well in excess of 10% is good, it must be borne in mind that you have to pay the subscription fees from this, and with the £1000 bank we used here, that would have reduced the profit to just under £100, and a return on liability of just under 10%.

Of course, with a larger bank still, the profits would be greater.

Rating 4.0.

Ease of use
Very straightforward. The emails arrive in plenty of time to allow bets to be placed, and on most occasions, the odds advised to lay at were either available immediately, or matched before kick off. The one time that really sticks in my mind was the French Ligue 1 game, but even then, that was picked up in the first five minutes of the game.

With trading, you need to be at or around your computer to operate the service, but there are websites that will alert you to a goal having been scored.

Rating 3.5.

In my opinion, the guys behind ZH Subscribe do as much as possible, in terms of checking stats and team news before issuing a selection. On more than one occasion, all the boxes had not been ticked from their point of view, and a selection was not then advised.

Trading does carry risks of course, and it is always advisable not to just have one option to be able to exit the trade if that is method of operating the selections provided.

Each email contained full advice as to what the odds to be used were and when to trade out. During the course of the game, tweets and further emails sent, just in case further advise or confirmation was needed.

Rating 4.0.

Time Required.
Potentially up to two hours per selection as a maximum. The emails arrive in plenty of time, and as I said during the course of the review, the guys behind ZH subscribe send emails on a regular basis to keep their members informed as to their thoughts as to when a selection may be offered.

Overall rating 4.0.

The only thing I could be disappointed with this service was that there were not more trades. 18 of the 20 selections were sent on a Saturday or Sunday. I cannot say why this is the case, it could be down to any number of reasons, perhaps liquidity at the weekend is better, there are certainly more matches, and perhaps, the quality of information relating to injuries and team news in general is easier to find.

This service makes a profit. As a member, you can make the choice between straight lay bets or trading, and during the course of the review, there was one more loss on the straight lays over the trades. At the end of the review, there was a small difference between the two.

Overall, the review of the ZH Subscribe service was successful, and appears from the limited number of selections seen, to be a steady builder of a bank.

Until the next time,

Inspector DJ

[Click here to see Zero Hype Subscribe]

Inspector DJ-Reviews ZH Subscribe

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