Friday, Jul. 18, 2014

Tennis Trading League - Final Part

This is the final part of the review of the Tennis Trading League 2.0.  I will look at the fourth stage, “Final Serve” and provide a final summary of the product as a whole.

The Final Serves System is really just a variation on the other systems.  In fact, though it is listed as the last one, it is the easiest for beginners to use.

Following this system is a very useful FAQ section based on users questions.

To recap, I certainly like this system, though as I have said before, the product requires persistence and patience.  But since starting the review, I have noticed that many tennis matches do actually follow the pattern described in the videos.  That is not to state that tennis matches are predictable, indeed the point that the author continually makes is that the system relies on trading not gambling.  So each time you trade in you are advised to trade out, even if by keeping the trade open you might make a higher profit.  Keeping the trade open means that you are relying on an outcome and this is more like gambling.

The fact that tennis matches follow a particular pattern is simply due to probabilities of some events happening more often than others in certain circumstances.  I have noticed similar patterns in football matches.  Its just a question that if you follow a matches often enough, you will be able to use your judgement to make predictable and profitable trades.  And usually in the tennis matches you are relying on just one or two points to go your way, if not you are advised to trade out for a small loss.

You can try out the system here.

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