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Betfair Miracle Review

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November 15, 2010


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Betfair Miracle Review

Betfair Miracle Final Review


betfair-miracleIs The Betfair Miracle Really Worth It ..?

Before I give out my review on the Betfair Miracle, I would like to make it clear that I do not give out 5 stars to any system or service with the belief that there is no perfect system, service or invention that exists. However, I am not closing my mind on that idea. I may be able to test and find a system or service that will really prove me wrong but that will take long time and studious study and research before it can convince me. But there are a lot of good systems around and I believe that Betfair Miracle is one of them. :)

I will have to give four out of five stars to Betfair Miracle. First of all, it has delivered what I have expected from it, aside from the promises that it made. It can definitely give you steady and consistent profits but it does not promise instant riches and wealth beyond your wildest dreams. This review is backed up with facts and figures to prove my point. The author actually gave me pretty darn good customer service but just so we are clear it, the Betfair Miracle system does not need customer service all the time, it’s just that it is part of the overall package when you buy the system.

For the results, keep in mind that the betting does not include Sundays for both Main and Bonus Selections. So for the trial, we had 63 selections, 58 winning lays, strike rate of 92.06%, profit points of 29.17, return on investment of 46.30%, average price of losing lay is 6.24.

Now to see how consistent Betfair Miracle is, let us see how it performed during the time before its trial; Selections 652, Winning Lays 594 = Strike Rate 91.07%, Profit 301.41 points, Return on Investment 46.38%, Average Price of Losing Lay (BFSP) 5.51.

Comparing the figures, there are really no big differences, which means that the Betfair miracle system is pretty consistent when it comes to its performance. During its trial, it had 3 longest losing run, with 2 consecutive losers eight times. As for winning runs it has 9 with over 20 consecutive winning lays including a 59, 41 and a 40. During the review the longest losing run was 1 and the longest winning run 26.

In fact, there are several situations when the Bonus selection is almost equal to the Main selection. And at the end of the trial, the Betfair miracle system gave me results as; Banker Selections: 141, Winning Lays 133 = Strike Rate 94.3%, Profit 94.30 points, Return on Investment 66.90%, Average Price of Losing Lay 5.00 (BFSP), Normal Bonus Selections 124, Winning Lays 108 = S/R 87.1%, Profit 20.84 points, Return on Investment 16.80%, Average Price of Losing Lays 6.11 (BFSP). So, whichever way you place your bets, Betfair Miracle will be a steady player for your profits. You may have short losing runs but these are just minimal.

The reason there are no bets on Sundays is not due to poor performance, far from it, but simply due to the limited data available on Sundays.  Jason  collates data each day to formulate the system, but it is slightly different on a Sunday. This would mean having to adjust the rules simply to ‘fit the system’, and Jason does not believe that a system should be ‘fitted’ at all.

The essence of a system is that it should be easy to follow, and  should have the same rules each day. That way anyone using it doesnt have to keep referring back to the manual.  As this is not possible on Sundays, it would be difficult to change the goalposts in order to include Sunday racing. It is therfore omitted completely.

As a conclusion, Betfair Miracle is a steady and consistent tool that you can use if you want to see profits. If it does not perform well during Sundays, then try not to take bets on that day to assure no losses. It is important that you know how to use the system you are following. You have to bet wisely, otherwise the Betfair miracle system will not work  for you. Know how to use the system to your advantage.

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Richard Van Orden - Reviews Betfair Miracle

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  1. LEN PHILLIPS says:

    Hello are the day to day selections and results for this system still available to look at,Len.

    1. LTO Admin says:

      Hi Len,

      The review of Betfair miracle can be seen by simply clicking on Betfair Miracle in the “Passed 4 out of 5 Stars” box, this will bring up the final review and from there you can scroll through the whole review. Or use this link http://www.bettingsystemtruths.com/?s=%22betfair+miracle%22

      The review was posted on a weekly basis, so does not have too much detail regards actual selections, but gives a good insight into the profit/loss on a weekly basis, with the total number of selections each week etc.

      Admin Gordon

  2. jeffrey haines says:

    How the hell can you give a realistic review of this product without taking into account betfair commision and betfair starting price!

    This product was flawed from the start, I have read the rubbish in the manual regarding SP etc, and it is nothing but a smoke screen and total bullshit really.

  3. Review Manager says:

    Hi Jeffrey
    Maybe sir if you read the Final Review of Betfair Miracle etc properly before ranting you will see that the results were recorded to Betfair starting price and as all BST/LTO reviews 5% Betfair commission is deducted, I actually conducted the review way back in 2010 and if you want to see the proper Final Review use this link:
    In fact i have followed BFM since the 28th December 2009 until now, for the year 2010 it managed an average of 7 points profit a month and that was working to BSP and with commission deducted, sure it had a few losing months but these were outdone by the winning ones, and if it did have a losing one it was always quick to bounce back.
    Yes the manual does have the final rule of over 3/1 and not greater than 8/1 this is one of many that use odds as a criteria, but even then as i quoted on BST if you can not follow the live betting market you can use a Bot and the author recommends 4.50 to 11.00 Betfair odds and yes it still does equally as well . If you take this month of July following the Betfair odds you would be over 6 points in profit as opposed to only half a point using the bookies odds rule, and this is wth a lower than normal strike rate in what has been an extremely difficult month given the different changes of going there has been.
    Personally i am not bothered whether you use the system or not but to say something is bullshit when it actually has proven to work and over a sustained period of time is a bloody ridiculous. As i said in my Final Review it is an useful addition to a portfolio, if you get few methods together like this you can form a good basis to earn a second income, none of the products out there are going to make you an instant fortune if you want that buy a lottery ticket.

    RM Dave

    1. Dave says:

      It’s all about opinions I suppose. I dropped this a month ago when it was consistently losing me money. I think from the start of the year it had just about broken even, not including purchase costs. Based on my results, I wouldn’t personally recommend it to anyone, but systems like these frequently throw up different selections for different people, so it may be profitable for some.