Friday, Sep. 5, 2014


I like this software, it is easy to use and very good for trading, it auto refreshes the market every 1 second (or any time interval you want) you can either back and lay or vice versa before the race starts. This is ok if you know what you are doing, but in no way is this a foolproof method of making money. The way I played it was simple but also quite risky I suppose.

Bet Angel - Basic is free of charge software that enables you to do standard exchange trading. It features one click betting, fast refresh rates, one click auto refreshing charting, on screen viewing of your open bets and a momentum indicator. Not only that but it also now includes a 'greening up' function that allows you to equalise any profit you have made right across the entire field you are betting on.

Bet Angel professional is an application produced by serious betting exchange traders for serious betting exchange traders. It contains many critical features that have been missing from the market place. It has been designed to be a continuous product with regular upgrades and amendments as these very exciting markets develop.

In the first part of this review of Bet Angel Professional, I noted that in addition to the standard interfaces available on Betfair, the software offers improves functionality, including Make Market and Green Out buttons along with useful statistical information, such as weight of market.

As promised in my introduction, in this article I am going to explore this product in somewhat more depth. As explained in my introduction last week, Bet Manager is a tool for, well, managing all your bets in a rather more controlled way than is possible with the normal Betfair interface.

Unlike other programs Bet-IE includes proven strategies for dutching, hedging and easy trading techniques. What is more they can be tailored to meet your needs whether you are a newbie or experienced user of Betfair. If you are starting out these methods are being used by novices with great success.

Bet Angel is one of the longest established trading software tools on the market if not the longest established. This fact alone should be enough to merit a closer look by any trader aspiring to improve their profitability. So in this review I will be delving deeper to see what it can deliver. are releasing an update to their Bet Trader Evolution software on December 8th. In order to see if it would be helpful for your trading, I had a detailed look at it prior to the launch.

The software allows you follow your tipsters by loading the bets automatically on Betfair. You have complete control over it, so if there is a tipster you are not yet clear about you need not load them automatically

It should be noted firstly that Patrick Ross, the system author, recommends the use of BetAngel Pro as “the optimum” platform for employing his tennis trading strategies. And as you will have read in my recent review of BetAngel, I certainly would not dispute this.

Well to be truthful, and having given this software a good run for it's money during the review, I can say that this bot does actually have the lowest risk of all of them. I would not say it was totally zero risk, although the risk I am talking about would be due to human error and not the actual software.